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[fall in Hagenberg]


21. March 2015 My new website is online at http://www.leithinger.com. I will keep this website online while transitioning over some more content, but it will soon be linking to my new one.
5. Dec. 2013 I admit that despite my best intentions, this website is a little outdated. For my latest research projects, please visit my page on the Tangible Media Group website: http://tangible.media.mit.edu/person/daniel-leithinger/. Out of these, inFORM received the most public attention:

inFORM - Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

6. Nov. 2012 As I just realized that I have not updated my website in 2 years, here are some news: I'm still doing my PhD at the Media Lab, got a few UIST papers accepted, am still into bikes and aquariums, and learned how to sail.
11. Jun. 2010 With the masters happily completed, I have moved to Pittsburgh to work for Disney Research over the summer, before going back to the Media Lab in fall.
Working for the mouse
1. Feb. 2010 Finally updated my CV and projects with Proverbial Wallet and Relief.
1. Sept. 2008 After a few exciting weeks of traveling in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and China, I have finally arrived in Boston and moved into my new room here. My contact information is updated.
4. July 2008 The travel plans for this summer are coming together. I have booked a plane ticket to Shanghai on the 17th of August and from there another one to New York on the 22nd. My graduate studies at the MIT Media Lab will start in September.
19. March 2008 Our project City Planning Space is a winner at the RTT Emerging Technology Contest 2008. As free plane tickets are included (thanks RTT!) my colleague Jefry and I will be flying to Vienna on behalf of our team for the award ceremony on the 10th of April. I will stay in Austria until the 19th of April.
1. March 2008 My PhD studies are currently posponed due to personal reasons, so I am working as a research engineer at the Interactive Multimedia Lab at NUS for now.
29. Oct. 2007 Today I have arrived in Singapore, where I will do a 2 months internship at the Interactive Multimedia Lab, leading up to my PhD studies in January.
9. Oct. 2007 I am in Newport at the Tabletop 2007 until the 15. October.
27. Sept. 2007 I have now officially finished my Masters in Hagenberg. The title of my thesis is "PenTable: Augmenting a PC Workplace with a Digital Tabletop".
13. July 2007 "Improving Menu Interaction for Cluttered Tabletop Setups with User-Drawn Path Menus." got accepted at IEEE Tabletop 2007.
05. July 2007 Our project Shared Design Space is currently on display at the net.culture.space, which is located at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. You can visit the installation free of charge until the 3rd of September.
22. May 2007 My CV is updated.
29. Dec. 2006 Back in Austria. I will be in Copenhagen from 24. to 28. in January, otherwise you can reach me at my Austrian phone number again.
23. Nov. 2006 I will be in Austria until the 30th of November for the Europrix Top Talent Award and to visit my family.
15. Sept. 2006 I have arrived in Copenhagen, where I will spend the next semester at the Aalborg University Copenhagen as an exchange student.
22. Aug. 2006 Finally I'm back from Boston, where our team has presented the Shared Design Space project at this years Siggraph conference. We will also show it at the Ars Electronica Pixelspaces later this month.
5. Oct. 2005 Well, I did not have time to update my website lately, but I am back in Austria, have finished my batchelors degree and continue with the masters in Hagenberg for the next two years.
6. Apr. 2005 coeno.org, the website of a project I was involved in, is online.
5. Apr. 2005 My colleague Thomas has put some pictures of our internship and time here in NZ online.
Click to here view them.
12. Feb. 2005 On monday, I started my 6 month internship at the HIT Lab in New Zealand.

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